Acupuncture & Acupressure

Medical Acupuncture

Introductory Session $95

Acupuncture/acupressure $110

6 sessions $570

Insurance is accepted 

​Acupuncture Facial

Eliminate fine lines with acupuncture and acupressure.  This facial is also exfoliating, hydrating and relaxing!

​$150/60 minutes

     & Health Spa

30 minute Sessions

1/2 hour Back & Neck Massage


1/2 hour Foot Reflexology


1/2 hour Acupuncture


Waxing Services

Eyebrow Design $40

with tint $50

Bikini $40

Facial, arm & leg wax

also available

Satori Facials 

Satori Signature Facial

A custom facial designed for individual needs, restoring health and vitality to the skin.  Deep cleansing, exfoliation, detoxification and nourishment produce immediate and long-term results.

$110/60 minutes

Signature Facial plus Peel

Dead skin is gently removed from the surface of the face during this anti-aging, detoxifying facial.  Fine lines are diminished, leaving the skin smoothed.

​$160/60 minutes

The Ultimate Facial

​Vellus facial hair is gently removed, as well as the dead skin cells on the surface of the face during the Satori Signature Facial.  Results are flawless!

$170/60 minutes

Massage Therapy
Satori Signature Massage
This is our most popular massage.  Chronic patterns of tension in the body are released through slow strokes and medium to firm pressure.
$110/60 minutes                   $160/90 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage
People of all ages benefit from our Deep Tissue Massage.  The firm pressure is beneficial in releasing muscle tension and alleviates joint pain.
$110/60 minutes                   $160/90 minutes
Swedish Massage
Our Swedish Massage incorporates smooth, gliding strokes with light pressure to promote relaxation.  

​$110/60 minutes                   $160/90 minutes

Pre/Post Natal Massage

This therapeutic massage focuses on the structural changes during and after pregnancy.

$110/60 minutes                   $160/90 minutes

Sports Massage
A great warm-up to any workout and an excellent way to recover from exertion and fatigue.  We integrate deep tissue and stretching techniques.
$110/60 minutes                   $160/90 minutes